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What our coaching is like

Working with our Macros Inc coaches is quite simply the best online coaching you can get.

From personalised training plans, to macros uniquely tailored to your desired body composition and needs, it's like having your very own cheerleader with you every step of the way. Helping you every single day as you learn how to manage your macros, get stronger and love what you see in the mirror.


Perfect Pairings

We carefully match you with the best possible coach to help you reach your goals.

We know that everyone is unique, that's why we take time to pair you with your perfect coach.

Macros Mastery

Setting your custom macros, assessing and tweaking them to optimize your results.


This is just one of many things your coach will keep an eye on for you and help you understand how to fuel your body now and in the future.

Tailored Training

Whatever your experience, whatever your equipment, whatever your goals our training plans will take you to the next level.

Curated weekly to optimize the results you see, our coaches work with you to realize  your dreams.


Have some questions and want to connect with one of our coaches before you sign up? Chatting to one of our team members means you can ask all the questions you need to before making a commitment.


Are you unsure of whether you need NUTRITION coaching or COMPLETE coaching? Our team members can discuss your goals and provide you with an overview of what the options include, meaning you can make an informed decision about which path to take.


What our clients want to tell you

"I had a coach all last summer and was fantastic! She helped me through a vacation to Vegas and my wedding! Honestly last summer was the best I've felt in years. I was eating great, hitting my workouts and being active all summer. Having someone to help navigate all those events and fun summer activities was such a big help. Totally worth and so looking forward to this summer with my new coach!"

For me, summer is the best time for coaching! It is so much easier for me to get outside, get active, increase my NEAT and see better results. There's also more hours of daylight so I just feel happier and ready to tackle all the things! Coaching in particular is great during summer just to have someone on your side to help navigate all the cravings and food that go along with summer get togethers. Having someone to help you with a plan is so great.

I’ve had a coach for over a year, but the most important months we had together was over this past summer. Navigating barbeques, cocktails outdoors, and evenings out was a challenge. My coach was there when I needed her. Any time a meal or drink was to be had outside of my home, we discussed it and came up with a plan. Given the time of year, I participate in a lot more outdoor activities, aside from my usual workouts, and she helped me balance my nutrition and exercise with all the outings I wanted to be a part of – even the spontaneous ones. Her guidance and support were critical to my overall success!