How often will I talk to my coach?

Coaching is very much client-led, meaning we rely on our clients to reach out to their coaches when they need them. Your coach will send you a midweek check-in message through the client portal to touch base in between your official weekly check-ins. Aside from these 2 weekly touch points, your coach will be at your disposal whenever you need, and we encourage you to communicate frequently with your coach whenever you have a question, a concern, whenever you're struggling, or even if you just want to say hello or share a small victory. Messaging your coach early and often helps build and strengthen the coach-client relationship and helps ensure your success.

When you send your coach a message, they are committed to a 24-hour response time, meaning your coach has 24 hours to respond. This does not mean you will always be waiting for 24 hours for a response. On the contrary, our coaches typically reply in a very timely manner, usually far less than 24 hours. Your coach’s response time will be dependent on the time of day during which you send the message, as well as your coach’s personal & work schedule, which he/she will discuss with you during your consultation call. Your initial consultation is a video conference with your coach. From there on out, communication will be done through our private client portal and through WhatsApp.