How do I best utilize my coach?

This is a great question, with a somewhat subjective answer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to how to best utilize your coach. However, as a general rule of thumb, the more frequently you communicate with your coach, the better. 

Every individual has a different personality, different expectations, different needs, different opinions, different goals. Because of these variables, how you utilize your coach is going to be up to you. You might be someone who likes to text your coach daily just to say hello or to share some small victories. Or you might be someone who only needs to text your coach when you have a question about something. You might even be someone who only needs to submit your official weekly check-in and you'll be fine until next week. Again, this depends on various personal factors & circumstances. 

Your best bet to ensure you're utilizing your coach to the fullest extent is to communicate with your coach about what exactly your needs are, what your goals are, and what your expectations are. 

If you feel there is something you're not receiving from your coach that you would like to receive, let your coach know. If you're looking for specific advice on something, tell your coach. If you have specific questions, ask. If you're struggling with something in particular, share this with your coach. The more your coach knows about you and your needs, the better your coach-client relationship will be.

Ultimately, how you utilize your coach is going to depend on how you see fit, but the absolute biggest factor in this is going to come down to communication. Communicate with your coach. Be open and honest. Be brutally honest if you have to. The best working relationships are ones that are built upon a foundation of open communication, honesty, and trust. And as long as your needs & requests are something your coach can realistically accommodate within the confines & policies of Macros Inc., we will have no problem accommodating.