Do you provide meal plans?

We do not provide meal plans. Our coaching takes a much deeper approach, one that takes your lifestyle & circumstances into consideration. We want you to be able to provide for yourself and to better understand nutrition as a whole, and we encourage you to improve your ability to meal-prep and plan out your meals in a way that fits your lifestyle. We can help you with ideas on making meal prep easier, and we can help with suggestions on foods that will help you hit your assigned macro targets more easily. We want to help you in the long-term, whereas meal plans only help in the short-term.

We are certified nutritionists, and we hope that you ask your coach as many nutrition questions as possible so that you are able to improve your nutrition knowledge during your time as a client. Doing this will better prepare you to manage your health and weight for life after coaching.

For more detailed information about how our coaching works and what is included, visit our Learn More About Coaching page here, and you'll receive an email from one of our team members with details.